Talent Retention

“46% of HR leaders say retention is their greatest concern.”

-SHRM/Globoforce Survey

We offer many services to help businesses and workers retain their talent, including best practice and data sharing. Partner with a workforce expert to take a proactive, flexible approach in staff retention and/ or workforce reduction strategies.

  • Talent Retention Strategies
  • Layoff Avoidance Strategies
  • Support with the Effects of Layoffs and Closures

For more detailed information, contact our Business Services Unit.

For businesses located in Fairfield, contact:
Sonja Rockwell-Jackson, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3509 or srockwell-jackson@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Dixon, Suisun, Rio Vista, or Benicia, contact:
Matt Damm, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3595 (office), 707-320-3059 (cell) or mdamm@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vallejo, contact:
Erica Shaw, Business Services Consultant
707-649-4713 (office), (707) 419-2801 (cell) or eshaw@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vacaville, contact:
Jennifer Williams, Business Services Representative
Certified Business Services Consultant™
Certified Workplace Excellence Facilitator

707-863-3584 (office), 707-419-2525 (cell) or jwilliams@solanowdb.org