Training Programs for Employees

This training series has been designed to assist employees with soft-skills that will be beneficial in the workplace.

DRIVEN TO SUCCESS: Attitude & Motivation

This program will cover:
• What is motivation?
• What is attitude
• Signs of a bad attitude in the workplace
• Keeping yourself motivated at work
• Communicating your needs
• The importance of teamwork on the job

MOVING ON UP: Attendance & Work Habits

This program will cover:
• Attendance and Punctuality
• Dress and Appearance
• Technical Matters
• Personal Behavior
• Attitude
• Honesty and Accountability
• Safety
• Time Management
• Communication Skills
• Teamwork

LAUNCH PAD TO SUCCESS: Employee Communication

This program will cover:
• The importance of communication at work
• What causes communication breakdowns in the workplace
• The five components of good communication
• Understanding the Chain of Command at Work
• Developing Effective Work Relationships
• Communicating with Different Personalities
• Communicating Up the Organizational Chart
• Assertive Versus Aggressive Communication
• Controlling Your Emotions at Work

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Customer Service

This program will cover:
• Defining Customer Service
• Identifying Your Customer
• What Does Your Customer Want
• First Impressions
• Communication
• Body Language/Tone
• Telephone/Email Etiquette
• What to say when you can’t say “yes”
• Handling customer property
• Handling difficult customers
• What does your customer want
• Follow-Up
• Initiative

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