Each training module costs $149.95, plus tax (8.375%)

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Buy 3 modules, get one FREE!
Buy an entire track for $449.85, plus tax!
Buy the entire Business Advantage program for Supervisors and Employees for $899.70, plus tax!

Each notebook contains:

  1. CD-Rom in jewel case
  2. Trainer’s Tips
    These are useful tips for the Trainer, and also include detailed instruction on how to utilize the curriculum to maximize the effectiveness of each training module.
  3. Trainer’s Curriculum
    This is a detailed written curriculum designed to familiarize the trainer with the subject being presented, and provides ample material for the trainer to utilize.
  4. Handouts
    Each section within each training module includes some type of interactive activity, such as exercises, energizer, topic quizzes and self-evaluations. Some also contain handouts that focus on a specific list of “takeaways”.
  5. PowerPoint Slide Presentation with Speaker’s Notes
    This PowerPoint Slide Presentation is designed to be used for the facilitation of the training module, and includes speaker’s notes for the facilitator.
  6. PowerPoint Handouts
    These PowerPoint Handouts are for the attendees, and contain three slides per page with room to make notes.

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