Job Connect

Have you been applying for jobs but getting no response? Do you have the technical skills you need, but are having a hard time getting in front of employers?

The Job Connect Track is for individuals who have the skills needed to get back to work, but need a little more help navigating the job search process. Individuals in the Job Connect Track are connected to a Placement Coach, can take advantage of Group Coaching Sessions, and gain insight from our Business Services Representatives who have direct contact with employers in Solano County.

What to Expect

Job Connect helps you mentally prepare for your job search and hone in on the job searching skills you need to land your next job.

Job Connect provides customized job search coaching that includes:

  • Resume review and customization
  • Interviewing feedback and skills
  • Networking assistance

Our Peer Networking Group is an opportunity for you to practice your networking skills, learn the latest trends in hiring practices, and gain job leads from our Business Services Representatives who connect with employers daily.

What a Placement Coach Can Do for You

Coaches help you see your talents, develop goals, and see areas where you can improve. A Placement Coach is someone who gives you honest input about what you can do to reach your employment goals and build your future. Placement Coaches give you encouragement to stay on the job search track and can help you with resumes, job search attire, interview questions, networking, and more.

Are you interested in learning more? Attend an Introduction to Job Connect session at one of our America's Job Centers of California.