Talent Development

“We at GAI America are very grateful for the Workforce Development Board for their assistance during the On-The- Job Training portion of our employee’s work experience with our company.The agency was very supportive when it came to matters wherein we needed guidance to navigate through difficult situations.Because of the agency’s help, we were able to develop our employee’s ability to perform her tasks and as such result in a positive work environment.” Enrico/GAI America

Developing a competitive workforce by upskilling your internal talent can increase productivity, profitability and your community footprint. Partner with the workforce experts to expand your knowledge of innovative strategies on talent development.

  • Staff Training/ Development
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Upskilling Your Workforce
  • Occupational and Industry Data

For more detailed information, contact our Business Services Unit.

For businesses located in Fairfield, contact:
Sonja Rockwell-Jackson, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3509 or srockwell-jackson@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Dixon, Suisun, Rio Vista, or Benicia, contact:
Matt Damm, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-863-3595 (office), 707-320-3059 (cell) or mdamm@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vallejo, contact:
Erica Shaw, Business Services Consultant
Certified Business Services Consultant™
707-649-4713 (office), (707) 419-2801 (cell) or eshaw@solanowdb.org

For businesses located in Vacaville, contact:
Jennifer Williams, Business Services Representative
Certified Business Services Consultant™
Certified Workplace Excellence Facilitator

707-863-3584 (office), 707-419-2525 (cell) or jwilliams@solanowdb.org